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Weather in Mangalore

Mangalore has a tropical climate; summer and winter months experience similar conditions, with average temperatures ranging from 27 °C (81°F) to 34 C (93 °F).

Humidity is approximately 78% on average, and peaks during May, June and July. The maximum average humidity is 93% in July and average minimum humidity is 56% in January.

Mangalore has a Tropical monsoon climate and is under the direct influence of the Arabian Sea branch of the South-West monsoon. It receives about 90% of its total annual rainfall within a period of about six months from May to October, while remaining extremely dry from December to March.[60] The annual precipitation in Mangalore is 4,242.5 millimetres (167 in).

The most pleasant months in Mangalore are from December to February, during which time the humidity and heat are at their lowest.

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