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                               SHARADA SANNIDHI

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda first came to Mangalore in 1956 to conduct a Yajna and then on he continued his visits to Mangalore. Members got together, formed committees and conducted Pujya Gurudev's yajnas as well as yajnas by other Acharyas till the year 2000 with the Mission Centre functioning from various locations.

In 2001the Centre purchased a site & under the guidance of the then resident Acharya Br. Udaya Chaitanya (now Swami Hamsananda) construction of the new centre Sharada Sannidhi was commenced.

On 22nd October 2004 the Sharada Sannidhi was formally inaugurated by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji in the holy presence of Veda Brahmashree, late Shri H Subraya Bhat.

Various activities are conducted at the Centre for people of all age groups.

Additionally the Centre is available for the conducting of Sadhana Camps by Acharyas from various other centres for Chinmaya Mission devotees.




One each for Ladies & Gents, with each one being able to accommodate 18 persons, i.e. a total of 36 delegates.

The Dormitories are provided with steel cots & mattresses.

The Gent?s Dormitory has 6 toilets & bathrooms & the Ladies Dormitory has 5 toilets & bathrooms.



Each room has attached toilet & bathroom.

Each room has 3 cots to accommodate 3 (Acharya / faculty / elderly delegates)  per room





 Sharada Mandir / Meditation Hall

A large hall which can accommodate 400  devotees & where regular yagnas and other activities are held.


Annakshetra/ Satsang Hall

Another hall which is a common Dining hall (Annakshetra).

It can accommodate 200 devotees and classes also can be conducted.


Open Air Terrace:

Classes can also be conducted in the evenings on the covered terrace.



Available to Chinmaya Mission Centres for Sadhana Camps. 

A minimum of 60 days notice by Centres wishing to conduct camps, would help us in better coordinating the program. 

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